VitalStim Electrodes Bulk Pack (Adult)

How is it different?

Its more efficient and more reliable than ever before.
Based on feedback from our customers, we have redesigned our electrode to meet the unique demands of dysphagia treatment:

A challenging therapy requires a different electrode.

The VitalStim electrode has been custom engineered to deal with the challenging treatment conditions of dysphagia therapy using NMES.


  • Unique construction to safely transmit the high current load and current density of the VitalStim Therapy protocol (which results in a much higher load on the electrode than a typical NMES application in physical medicine and rehabilitation).
  • VitalStim electrodes have a low impedance measurement and are specifically designed to deliver one-hour VitalStim Therapy treatment sessions while maintaining high quality performance.
  • Unique design and material that stretches and molds to the irregular surface of the anterior neck.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in multiple clinical trials.
  • Unique material that stretches and moves with the patient without gapping.
  • Material tears without scissors for quick application.
  • Constructed to provide reliable conductivity with no internal electrode separation.
  • Excellent adhesion and gentle removal for delicate skin.

The new VitalStim Therapy electrode is easy to use and gives you the confidence that you are delivering electrical current consistently and effectively.

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  • Model number59044
  • Kit sizeLarge (100 Bulk Pack)
  • Weight2 Kgs
  • Dimension (L x W x H)23 x 28 x 20 cms
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